Mobile Apps

Here are a range of iOS apps and games on the Apple App Store


Quiz scoring application designed t oproject your leaderboard via an attached projector or large screen
Colour sampling application to get web hex values
As the Crow Flies
Plot multiple vectors on a map to calculate distances
Bluetooth chat engine, works without WiFi


Bayou Island
Great fun point and click adventure in the classic style
Bayou Island Pt2
The adventure continues
LinkWord English
Word grid search game

Mobile Security

Biometric authentication

Good security measures are vital these days. Users need to be empowered to protect their identities but also can get on with their work without hindrance. 2 factor authentication has become a hot topic in recent years but these tend to be either email or SMS notifications. That is where ThumbKey comes in. It provides an easy to implement link between the finger-print scanner on the mobile in your pocket with your login service.

It can be used to provide biometric-enabled triggers to web actions such as a confirmation on login or indeed any set of actions that you wish to define.


Stay tuned for more

Soon these features will be built to help integrate and get the most out of Teamwalrus stuff

User area

A user area to access documents and downloads.

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All sorts of experimental scripts and code blocks.

.NET Core

.NET is now truly portable and will start popping up all over the place! All sites and services will eventually migrate to use this. Exciting times!


A place for documentation on all of the apps and software

ThumbKey testing

A sandbox area to hlep in integration testing of ThumbKey